Monday, February 11, 2008

Ding Dong the Contract's Done

The strike is over (tomorrow) and I'm so happy...then I hear this disturbing rumor that "House" might not be coming back. Say what?! I'm a little terrified to hear which shows of mine are now axed. I heard that Shonda Rimes ( Grey's Anatomy producer) is ready to start it up, but a lot of shows will be put off until the fall. Argh! I hope that some better shows come out of all this built up writers creativity. I'm also jumping up and down as some of these reality shows get pulled. The major networks NEED to get their shows back.

I have become a mall walker. Since it's been so frigid my neighbor and I bagged our morning jogging. I felt so desperate that I've been hitting the mall in the mornings 2-3 times a week. Here's the hard part...lots of old people are die hard mall walkers. They have a mall endorsed group and are their in force. I used to walk at the mall with my kid in the stroller and the old people thought it was cute. Now all they see is this speed walking twentysomething passing them whilel listening to her Ipod. I'm kind've afraid that they hate me.

Our short spat of warmth here in Colorado has ended. I also offically got off my ass and started the process of getting the kid's their shots for school next year. The aquisition of shot records was done today and hopefully I'll call the county health office and schedule an appointment tomorrow.

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