Saturday, February 09, 2008


Here I am, at the end of a VERY LONG week. Between my "aunt", my hacky cough that never ends, squeaking rent in by $1 and having my hubby flying to Thailand, I'm beat!

Let me just say, my hubby's a stud. Our friends have been going through the visa process for a whole year trying to get him into the States to marry her. Tickets are not cheap, so my hubby left on Thursday...flew from Detroit to Tokyo to Shang Hai to Bangkok (spent 3 hours on the ground) to Tokyo to Minneapolis to Denver and is right now working his shift out at the airport. I thank God that we get the perk of discounted and free fares...we've been able to make some people's lives easier because of it.

Don't even ask about the status of my house...I'm not sure how/why things have turned into the bowels of someone's gym sock over the week. Ugh.

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modmom said...

you're sweet valentine!

Tara said...


Jennifer said...

Thanks for visiting my blog during the carnival! I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to reply till now. I hope you come back visit again! I love meeting new people thru 'blog world'. Have a fabulous day!!!

*Mini* said...

Hi Sara, thanks for visiting. You have been entered into the contest. Good luck and enjoy your pancakes!

I'm sorry you have had such a drawn out week. I'm sure the people you are helping are very grateful to you. You are making a positive difference in their lives.