Saturday, December 22, 2007

Working on the Chain Gang

I am hands-down (or maybe hands-moving) a physical worker. The last thing I desire is a job where I have to sit down all the time. Back when I worked I was a waitress because it was constant movement. My metabolism was never better!! Right now I'm taking the occasional job to clean houses and I LOVE IT.
Cleaning other houses is better than cleaning my own because I never have to see it get messed up. That's the worst part about cleaning my own is it's slow (sometimes rapid) decline into a messy pit. So, now I get to tidy up a different house, get a workout, and get paid to do it!!
The other plus is that it doesn't intrude too much on my daily life. My hubby has shown me the beauty of the non-traditional job. Give me the job of lumberjack or pig farmer or park ranger or road construction crew member!
I think that's another reason why being a barista would appeal to me. I'd be on my feet the whole time and I'd get free caffeine! BTW, if any of you have been reading since my giving up of caffeine...I fell FAR off the wagon. Once the snow started flying caffeinated drinks simply showed up in front of me. No way was I going to waste them!

Are you a physical laborer or a sitting worker?

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Tara said...

I personally don't see how it is possible to get through parenting without caffeine... so welcome back to the world of the ceffeinated moms.

As for what kind of a worker I am? Well, I am a sit on your butt kind of worker... except it has to be doing something with my mind and emotions or I get super bored super fast. I have done very physical jobs before though (wrangler, construction worker, fast food worker, camp counsellor etc) and there is something very appealing about it. However, in my not-so-old age I have developed some rather large physical issues- asthma (which I have always had) and terrible tendinitis in my hands and arms.

But I can definitely see the appeal of cleaning someone elses house. My mom did that while I was little and there is something wonderful about seeing a job get DONE!!!

I think my ideal jobs are all about emotions though... counselling, getting to know people, teaching in some measure. If my heart isn't engaged then I don't last very long at a job.