Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vegetables, Herbal Tea, and Fudge

That's what I'll be eating and drinking today. The kids and I all have colds and are sitting around hacking. Fortunately their friends across the street are sick too, so they still have playmates.

I've been playing happily with my new PSP that my dear hubby got me. I know not all women would be thrilled with getting a handheld video console, but I find it so relaxing to kick some alien butt sometimes!

Christmas was so good this year. We spent the day with friends and at amazing food. I can't get over how joyful my church family makes me. I'm missing Kari, Lauren, Kati and Brit though. Ladies, let's get together!

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Melissa Markham said...

Congrats, Sara! You won the Chit, Chat and Chew contest! Send me an email at melissamarkham(at)takethemat(dot)com with your snail mail addy and I will send it onto the company so they can get out your yummy brownies:)