Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

I am dragging!! I think I'd built up so much anxiety about the court case that my body is extremely tired now. Either that or it's just the season. My kids seem extra tired as well.

They're fighting with friends and whining about many things. I'm REALLY looking forward to hanging out with them over the break (by hanging out, I mean chucking them out a window).

I've won two things within the last couple of weeks that I'm really thankful for. The first one is my Krups Blender. Our blender had started smoking, so this was a lifesaver...a double blessing this week because hubby had his wisdom tooth taken out. The blender is amazing! THe other thing I won was the new Ipod Nano with the video screen. Talk about a fun little toy! I'll be thankful for it on my next flight overseas.
When I started the whole contesting thing I was thrilled with leaving God in control of my winning & losing. I'm so thankful for every contest I've won, because it's only by God's choice that I got those things. I've been able to give out so many more Christmas presents because of it. Sometimes it's hard to keep it in perspective though.

The kid's latest catch phrase is "Yum...stinky!!" Great thing to hear when you're walking around the house.

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