Sunday, September 23, 2007

They're So Sweet!

First things first, we finally ended the life of our dear laptop...may it RIP. We are relying on H.S. and our old computer (it's guts hang out all over for lack of a cover), so bear with me as I may/may not be sporadic in posting. On the plus side maybe hubby will have to tone down his computer hours a little.

Second things second, my visit to Minot (Dancer, do you know that bitty town?), ND went very well. I went to show my grandma love and she got the message loud and clear. Apparently at that point in one's life the things that mean the most are the company of loved ones. She has VERY swanky digs. It's a sweet assisted living facility that was built a scant 2 years ago. Opulent furnishings, pool, fitness center, coffee corner, dining room, chapel, pub, internet, library!! If getting old can be this nice now I can't wait for my turn as an oldie! Though, I'm sure, for my generation they'll have to add video games as an amenity.

I love hearing my grandma's stories over and over again...she's very frustrated with knowing that her brain is failing her. I can't imagine my sometimes forgetfulness turning into a permanent state.

Ruth is obsessed with "Littlest Pet Shop" toys and I fully endorse her obsession. But I've come to realize she's lost 1/3 of her animals!! don't grow on trees! So, if you see a major discount on "Pet Shop" toys anywhere, let me know cause I'm starting the Christmas hunt for toys.

Mr. Fabulous from is hosting a contest where the winner will have a choice of three prizes, from an Ipod Shuffle to a $75 Barnes and Noble giftcard (warning adult gift also an option). All you have to do to enter is vote for his blog as the best humor blog and urge your blog readers in a post to vote for him.

So a Blonde Walks in a Review ( ) is hosting a contest with a prize from Skimbaco ( ) , a fabulous upscale boutique.

The Whole Family is have a giveaway for her 2nd blogoversary . Enter before Sept. 26th for a chance to win a $10 Target gift card.

Lastly, 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a vacuum. I would love to win it as mine is the very cheapest model from Wally World and due to kick it any day now.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Thank you, my friend! You rock!

Dancer said...

I only know that Minot is on the other side of the planet in relation to where I am. It seems to be about the only frequently spoken of town in ND that when mentioned people know you are going beyond the middle of no where then north to get there. We do have friends there, though.