Thursday, September 13, 2007

Diamonds May Be Forever...Rings are Not

It's finally happened...I've been waiting for this moment for the last 5 years. Jason has lost his 3rd wedding band. I wish that were a typo, but the man is now 0 for 3. Now, the first two were lost by no (direct) fault of his own.
#1-He and his friends were rafting. The boat capsized and they were almost fish sticks, but found a log to hang onto. In the cold water, the ring (by far our favorite band) slipped away to be found by some gold prospector (oddly enough we have those here in CO still).
He and I still wonder why he didn't think to take it off before they started rafting
#2-My dad loaned Jason a ring my grandma had given him. At that time, J was delivering pizzas and on one hectic and bad night he got mad...and threw a receipt out the car window. Bye, bye ring! No way to find that one on the weedy mile where he threw the ring. My dad was a good sport about the loaner lost.
Let that be a lesson about temper and rings
And now the latest story where the blame falls squarely on my dear hubby's shoulders.
Since he got ring #3, hubby has an irritating habit of playing with said ring and has dropped it on a number of occasions. Friends always watch him do this in horror and we've all swore the man was going to lose it (He has the same problem of playing w/ fruit and dropping it).
While riding with a friend in his friend's van he was playing with the ring and, "Ping!" the ring fell under the seat. After 3 searches in 2 days the ring looks like a goner.
I'm a little pissed this time.
We are seriously considering getting him a tattoo ring band put on his finger. Thoughts
(Hubby just walked in and growled, "It's not lost, I just left it somewhere!")_

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Just clicking through some links to meet new people! Too bad about the rings! I was a young wife too, got married and 20 and am still married to the same man over 20 years later! Hang in there, husbands do all sorts of interesting things you just have to shake your head over. :-) Now that I have a own son who is seven I can see why, boys are just different.

joannmski said...

Yes, yes indeed. I am loving the idea of the tattoo ring!!

Tammy said...

My husband lost his ring once. He didn't tell me until I noticed it a couple of days later that he wasn't wearing his wedding band. About a week after we got him a new one, the old one was found in the driveway. He lost it shoveling snow. He now has two rings, one as a spare in case he loses one.

Deena said...

Maybe stopping by My Bookshelf will cheer you up!!