Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bratz and Barbie...uh, Tanks and Bob the Builder?!

When I was a child my mom didn't allow us to have Barbies. She thought they led to an unhealthy view of body image. Luckily my tomboy self could've cared less...I just cared that she was denying the freedom of getting it.

Now as a mother I find myself coming up against a wall of my own. I love Barbie dolls!! This is only because Barbie has turned into a princess, mermaid, and fairy. If she were still just a Malibu girl, I'm not sure I'd like her or let my 5 yr old girl play with them.

I have told my daughter from the first day she walked into a toy aisle that she wasn't allowed to buy Bratz dolls. Here are the reasons I give her for this:
-Bratz implies a certain attitude by their name and I think everyone will attribute personality based on that word. I know the movies don't portray them this way, but the commercials portray a sassiness that makes me wary.
-The clothing is not good. If my daughter decides the majority of their clothing is "cool" and is okay I might have a problem with that. This is the same reason why I don't endorse the buying of My Scene Barbies.
-Bratz are teenagers and Barbie is college age or older. I'd like to think by playing with Barbie girls are living out the possible adults they'd like to be (vet Barbie, mermaid Barbie *see my dream list*). With Bratz they may be projecting what kind of teenagers they want to be.

Thoughts anyones??? I told my daughter we could revisit the Bratz discussion when she's 9 and I don't deny her the ability to play with them at a friend's house.

My other question is: Why are there no debates like this about boy toys?! Has anyone run into a bad influence toy for boys? Maybe my 3 yr old just hasn't gotten there yet.


That Chick Over There said...

My daughter isn't allowed to have Bratz either. When I saw the "Baby Brats" wearing thong diapers? I was like, um, no.

She has excellent self-esteem and I've worked really hard for that. There is no guarantee that she always will, but still. I'll do what I can to help her keep things realistic.

That Chick Over There said...

Oh also? There are debates about boys toys, just not as frequently. When my son was in first grade his teacher sent home a note about him being "violent" because he and another little boy made their fingers into "guns" and were playing cowboys and indians on the playground.


Just Me said...

Hey Girl....can you pop over and read my post?? If after reading it you want to send a comment/email, I'd appreciate it!

FernandoDownUnder said...

We don't allow our two girls to play with Bratz, we do allow Barbies, but just like you, not the My Scene ones. Even when we've bought the barbie clothes, we are careful to buy the more normal looking ones. I can't imagine why some parents think it's okay to let their children play with Bratz or let their little girls play with Bratz dolls!

Katy said...

I am not fond of the Bratz dolls either....just the name bothers me...although I let my daughter play with barbies. I LOVED barbies growing up. i never felt they were a body to aspire to...i just thought of them as a fun doll to play with! LOL But at the moment, my daughter likes playing "baby" with her bigger dolls...the more life size we don't really deal with barbies much either! :)