Monday, September 10, 2007

Rhyme Khyme

Oh son, my son, has been on this kick of rhyme (khyme, phyme) time for a couple of weeks now. It's still cute (sort've) and it's left my hubby and I shaking our heads wondering where he got the idea. I haven't heard the phrase, "Cutie patootie" since way back when Rosie was still in TV's good graces. I don't know if this is a future Eminem in the making or what, but it's really funny.
The other advantage is that all the name calling he does makes no sense: "Mom, you're a snooker tatooker!"

This week the rhyming is overlapping a phase of my daughter's. Her response to every (and there are many) disappointment with, "Aw, barnacles!" Thanks, Spongebob.

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Gette said...

Okey-Dokey, this is just a handy dandy post!

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