Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Parkour Anyone???

Happened to see this bit on some lame 60 minutes type show about this new craze called Parkour. Ya know how you see people effortlessly jumping through urban landscapes and generally looking like the sweet scenes from action flicks? Yeah, that's Parkour. Watching how poetic and fluidly strong these people looked as they leaped from building to building I thought, "Man if I weren't me, that would be sweet!"

That got me thinking of a couple other things I wish I could be if I weren't me. Before you tell me that I could potentially do these: I know that, but God hasn't had these particular things be a part of Me...yet. Who knows, maybe I'll be the first 50 year old parkour!

Here's my list of dreamy existences:
-Parkour athelete
-Backup dancer/singer for a pop star
-Mermaid (seriously, I need just one unrealistic one)
-Park ranger/nun
-Jeopardy contestant who lasted a solid month (yeah, baby!)

Any fun/funky dreams out there?


Tara said...

Mermaid sounds good to me. But just out of curiosity... what does a forest ranger have to do with a nun?

If I weren't me I'd be ... well rested. And skinny. And athletic. And rich.

Bebemiqui said...

I think both the nun and park ranger get to hang out in nature and get a lot of time to reflect. Skinny and athletic sound good too.

Just Me said...

Seriously the mermaid sounds good to me...altho with the bust i have now, we'd have to find some giant clam shells to cover the 'girls'! But...when I was little 'nun' was definitely on the list too - discoverd I like boys..and didn't like kneeling on cold floors for hours - so nun was out.
BUT...if I could dream: I'd go for
hip hop dancer
horse whisperer ( altho In real life I love horses, they also scare me with their power..but I'm dreaming, right?)
Singer - pop - gospel - something cool
and last, but not least: I always wanted to :....drum roll please
be Harlequin Novel Heroine, who gets the goregous hunk (sorry..but you asked!!)

Anonymous said...

That's a fun list!!

The park ranger one sounds right up my ally... we already live in the boonies. lol

Thanks for putting my button on your sidebar!