Sunday, July 08, 2007

Up in the Air

Not a lot of time to sit and chat lately, my parents came for a brief visit at the same time as my husband and daughter's return from Nicaragua. Much fun was had by all while my parents were here. We went to an old school amusement park and I was delighted to find that my kids are terrified by nothing!

We ate some quality Mexican food and played "Speed Scrabble". I am so glad that their visit went so well since it's been 3 years since my dad has been here for a visit!

My hubby's mom also loving paid for us to get an air conditioner. I didn't know how good the timing was until my son was burning up with fever the same night we got the A/C. He was much more comfortable dozing on the couch.

All that leads me up to today. Son still has a fever, but insists that we still head to MT tomorrow. The kids are spending their annual week with J's mom. They get to see Jack and Mae (a horse and donkey) and no measly 102 degree fever will deter my son.

Stay tuned people!

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