Thursday, July 26, 2007

The August Itch

Let me just tell you, I LOATHE August! For some reason mankind has deemed it the month where nothing happens. Events taper off and most church-related activities take a month of rest. I completely understand that church staff need at least a month to regroup for the coming year, but it makes it tough to stay focused. Can't we somehow rotate? Some Bodies take June or July off?
Which brings me to my "itch". Ever since we were married 6 years ago August is my month of discontent. I get this burning desire to run out and find a job...any job, to fill my month-sized itch! Traditionally for us (and most ministry funded people), August is a tight month...very tight. I'm sure this is a reason for the itch, but I think it's also because the Body gets lazy about its spiritual condition. They have somehow have set God aside as they make the yearly school switch. I would argue that we, as individuals in the Body, should be very diligent about our walks in August to give us the peace we need to help shuffle our kidlets back into school.
Anyone else get the "August Itch"?


Dancer said...

I anticipate that this will be my first year for the August itch. My husband's salary from the church decreases in August, my daughter starts kindergarten, we will probably(hopefully)move and I start classes again. And I can relate to wanting to get a job. I've had that itch ever since I started grad school. I dream of working as a checker in a grocery store.

Just Me said...

Ya..the August 'itch' - so true!! You know what we did to try and work with the summer mentality? We have been preaching for the last 3 years and working at, getting all our church to take holidays in August. That way, instead of having everyone coming in dribs and drabs all summer - and us feeling discouraged because no one is there!! We thought, 'If we can't beat it, let's make it work for our advantage." So...we officially shut our church down for the month of August. Yup! That's right we shut it down. Everyone is encoruaged to take holidays during that time. Those that are around, we have things planned to do, that take minimal organizing, and basically leaves it on everyone's plate to take responsibilitiy for. Last year, we had different BBQ's planned and picnics - small groups came out, but it was fun. This year, we decided that we'd use the opportunity to go visit other churches in our city - we even take an offering with us to bless them. We have schedule we gave out - so it's fun! Just an unusual way to beat the itch on a 'church' level.

Bebemiqui said...

My dream job...barista!
I love what y'all are doing with your August SuperMom!

smallchild93 said...

Hey... its Shayna, you commented on my blog last time. Whats up? August itch eh? I'm not much of an august lover either. Nothing too thrilling happens in this month I find.. Haha, and everything seems to just SLOW DOWN.

Anyways.. check out my blog again, I'll be checking yours. =]

Byess Love youu ♥