Monday, July 16, 2007

Bleached Bees, Salted Slugs and Copulating Frogs?

I have reached my kid-free limit!!! As of yesterday I had a major hankering to have my munchkins back! What did I do yesterday? The title says it all.

My garden has been riddled with holes and I finally flushed the 20 slugs out yesterday. Mind you, I've never actually done the salt trick before and it was interesting to watch. I piled them up and dumped it on them!! I had a small moment of regret when it looked like one of the slugs was silently screaming.

While hanging clothes on the clothesline yesterday I discovered that yellowjackets inhabit one end of it. Nasty looking SOB's!!! They looked ready to eat my face every time I walked by the I grabbed a bottle of bleach, sprayed and ran!!! I'm slowly taking them out and then I have to remove the nest.
Okay, the "Copulating Frogs." I spotted these in the Nicaraguan market last year and a girl on our team bought them for a "Worst Foreign Souvenir" competition. I have been coveting those frogs since last year. So a dear friend of mine unsuspectingly agreed to purchase them...she was very embarrassed when she realized what they were. The best part? She gave them to me at the church Tea Party. Nothing says good manners like frog statues.
What am I going to do with them??? If you're not careful I may give them to you!


blackpurl said...

I never in life expected to see such a thing... is it going over your fireplace? LOL!

Just Me said...

Way to funny!! That truly has to be one of those 'gifts' that keep circulating year after year - under the title of 'tackiest suvenier'. Do you have your munchins' back?? Did you get some alone time this summer?? I'm alittle I'll have to catch up on your blog!

Tara said...

Ha. Seriously that is so funny. I think you should save it for Christmas and give it at a staff Christmas party. I'm sure it would cause quite that stir :)
And I must tell you I definitely had a bit of jealousy at all your time on your own!!!

Gette said...

that. is. hilarious!