Friday, July 20, 2007

All Is Right in the World

The kids made it home late Wednesday night (around midnight). I felt my daughter climb into bed and put her arms around me and in my half awake state I felt at peace, knowing I was back to mothering. It was a little disconcerting to go back to doing 3 tasks at the same time...I'm not whining since I was tired of having no demands placed on me over the last week.

I don't think I mentioned this, but God has given us a month's worth of a break from our normal strivings. Finances have actually been more than bargained for this month (no daily wondering if we can buy gas) and all four of us have been able to do infinately fun activities. I love it when He answers yes!

It seems like we, as believers, have had a history of discounting the physical body as a positive part of His plan for us. I'm currently reading "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine; she gives factual account of the hormonal shifts that happen in the brain throughout a woman's life. She also lists the way that the male and female brain grow differently starting at eight weeks from conception. It seems like we fight and deny those physical parts of us when we ought to strive to understand and embrace them. Take happens and I think we should try to understand the physical part of that and not chalk it all up to unexplainable things.
I'm not explaining this well, am I? Thoughts?


Just Me said...

Glad your kiddies are home and you're getting your hugs again! can be daunting to jump right in again eh?? Take it slow, if you can. Glad to hear the finance thing has been getting better...About the PMS thing..there was an old book written by a Christian gal called " Emotional Phases of a Woman's Life" by Jean Lush. It ws the first time someone actually address the physical issues of PMS , Hormones, Endocrine Glands etc. You're not crazy thinking we need to understand our bodies - it's true. God created these amazing 'machines' - the way they work is incredible..Keep reading - but try to find this book too..You'll love it. Also..there's a very good writer named Dr. Aiko Harmen ( or Horman)..she's a neurologist, who got 'saved' and writes about the brain, now from a God perspective.

Bebemiqui said...

Thanks Supermom! I'm checking my stellar library system for them now! I just think I appreciate God's bodily designs so much more when I understand them better.

Tara said...

I can't tell you how much I agree that boys and girls are different right from the start. My daughter is completely different from my two sons and I didn't have to teach her to be different. And I'll tell you, since my thyroid issues I will NEVER discount the reality of hormones in a woman! I KNOW my body screws with my emotions and everything else! And hey, glad your kids got home safe and sound!