Friday, July 13, 2007

Living it Up, Mother/Wife Style

Thank you to everyone who told me about their fantasy alone time...seems pretty consistent across the board. (Lots o' reading people!) And read is what I have done...normally my book count is one every two days...but I'm ripping through a book a day, just like I did in jr. high! Best book so far would hands down be "The Time Travler's Wife". I was crying so hard at midnight last night when I finished this great novel!

That leads me to the next plus of alone time. I slept in until 11:30...people I haven't done that since a Saturday sometime in high school! I don't even get to do that when I'm sick!
I've gone to a tea party for my church and shaved parts of my anatomy that haven't been shaved in many moons. I've gone to the chiropractor AND this amazing place where you can get a 35 minute heated massage for free (some of you may remember me working there). Denver is having free days at the DAM (Denver Art Museum) and the Botanical, I will be experiencing both of those for the first time. I've lived here 6 years and haven't done most of the cool things around town. The big thang is that I am going to the new "Harry Potter" movie on Sunday. Eeeee! I'm as happy as a little school girl!

Here's a link to the massage bed chain...they're free all over the country (check for Canadian locations)
And finally for your afternoon enjoyment (I know it was mine)...the best play doh and toy recreation of a mammogram ever!

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