Monday, May 14, 2007


Driving in the car yesterday, my 5 yr old daughter wanted to talk about heaven. Of course I explained that it would be a great place with no bad feelings and no pain.

Ruth: "And I could play with my friends all the time??"

Me: "Probably, maybe you could fly!!"

Ruth: "Whoa! (Pause) So, that means in heaven you'll get a babysitter and get to do whatever you want?"

Me: (wistful) "Yup"

Let me also add that Ruth LOVES their babysitter. She's the neighborhood Mary Poppins!


Emma Sometimes said...

too cute.

I came by via Mel at Actual Unretouched Photo. I liked your "You Know When Your A Mother When"

I'd wear the glasses too, but only if the eyebrows were bushier than mine.

Gette said...

Way back when the older Thigs went to daycare, they used to cry when I came to pick them up. Makes a mom feel good.