Sunday, May 13, 2007

Friggin Planes

Jason is flying for Morocco as I type. We felt that the timing was good for him to visit our friends there. Here's the kicker: he couldn't leave yesterday...God held him back. Leaving yesterday would've given Jason 2 instead of 1 day with our friends, but we both felt physically sick at the thought of him hopping on a flight yesterday. We didn't feel a peace about him not taking this trip or about going. Thankfully God solved that by giving him a green light today.
So, what would've happened if we'd ignored the dread we felt yesterday and Jason had flown???
Part of me wishes I could know...part of me is glad I have no idea!!
That's my most constant irritation with this life. That God will often lead us down the road, but we're rarely shown what's ahead. Can't wait to be on the other side of this life and be able to see the flow of the world.


Tara said...

So true.
I can't wait to figure out why things happen like they do!

meritt said...

We do that often. :)