Tuesday, March 17, 2009

White Trash Happiness

I'm currently typing from a VERY comfy, overstuffed recliner that's in our carport. Eeee!!!
Does it look tacky?? Of course.
Do I care?? Nope
This was the solution to me wanting to be outside while the kids are playing, but cursing the plastic chairs we had out there.

In other news, it looks like whole family might be headed to Nicaragua over Spring Break. We haven't taken our son out of the country since a hellish trip to Turkey around his 1st birthday. The fact that he's now 5 should make a difference, plus he doesn't have to even deal with changing time zones.

I'm excited to go see the street boys and my dear friend Dawn who's been their teacher.

Question of the Day: Can spiritual revivals still happen in the western world? Do you see any leaders rising up that may start a revival? Thoughts?

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Eli's Lids said...

This is too funny!
In answer to your question... nope I don't see a leader that will rise up for revival. The wishy washy emergent church is taking over.