Sunday, March 22, 2009

Overseas We Go

The hubby, kids and I are going down to Nicaragua next Sunday with 3 other people from our church. We'll be visiting our worship pastor, his family and my friend Dawn, who have been down there for the last year working to clean up some of the street kids who are addicted to sniffing glue.
We need around $1,500 to cover our expenses and rent by next Sunday. Jason and I just today were chuckling about it because this is one of the many times that we've sat in this place. It's a place we've become familiar and slowly more comfortable with. The reason I pass this information on to you is twofold:

1. We could use your prayer for the trip to go well and that His glory would be seen through the actions of the team and the Body in general.

2. So that you all can see the hand of God in the way that He continues to sustain us. That may mean we DO NOT get the funds we need to cover our expenses. But I do know that either scenario will be to further His glory. In that, pray for wisdom for us and a right response.

If you'd like to hear my husband's desires you can read his post here.

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