Friday, March 20, 2009

Betcha Didn't Know...

...I love entering contests. Kidding, if you don't know that by now, you've never seen nor heard from me. The wonderful lady over on Barking Mad is holding another great contest. She asked us to spill something that no one knows and I've been wracking my brain to think of something that would fit...I'm a pretty open person, so most people know even the unusual things about me. So, I'm giving you two, the first being one that many (but not all) of my friends know and then second, something out there:

1. I used to sychronize swim. For four years starting in jr. high I swam for a synchronized swimming team in Montana. I also admit that I still like to do some of the moves when I'm the deep end of a pool.

2. I have a pretend split-personality named Igor! I loved to try my friends crazy in high school by hunching my back and cheerfully lisping, "Yeth Mathstur!" I don't pull him out often unless I'm talking to my sister or I want to make my youngins think mommies gone nuts.

Phew, so glad I got that off my chetht...I mean chest.

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Sweet Caroline said...

Dear Igor:

Synchronized swimming? That is so cool! That looks so beautiful, actually. What a neat hobby. My sister and I used to act like we were synchronized swimming with our strong arms and straight faces! Yeah, we looked more like sloppy messes...

And, Igor is the best! You can tell you are a fun person--and I am sure I would laugh my behind off it I saw it. Youtube??? :)