Friday, March 06, 2009

Someone Steal Our Cars!

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know about our struggle with our cars. We have 4 cars from the 90s that seem hell bent on making sure only 2 of them run at a time.
Around Christmas we had the "nice" car (1991 Lincoln Town Car) fixed from its stuttering problem. Yeah, it started stuttering badly again today. So, I'm currently risking my sanity driving our Buick Regal with the busted up front and a chronic coolant issue. One car is down (possibly for good) and the hubby has to take the Rodeo (the only quasi-dependable car right now) to the airport for work 35 miles away.

Honestly, the timing was impeccable...we have other big things happening in our life right now that are leaving us spiritually and emotionally drained. Throw in car issues and I'm living off of a stress sandwich today.

Here's the cool part: Jason and I are doing really well right now as a family and I know God is holding us in His hands. Yes, I'm freaking out emotionally, but it's nice to know that the reality is God allowed the cars to have issues. Therefore, what have I to freak out about?

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