Monday, April 28, 2008

In the "House"!!!

Ah, one of the good ones is finally back. "House, M.D." made its return tonight. I'm glad to see the two teams back and continue to be surprised at the amount of screen time given to Chase and Cameron. I feel a little disconnected to the plotline after the long break. Love that the bitch is dating Wilson...I hope they run that storyline for awhile. Does anyone else wish the tension between House and Cuddy would just end?

I'm in Montana picking up our new '91 Lincoln Town Car. We've dubbed it "Big Blue" and I'm hoping it runs for a couple of 100, 000 miles.

After flying so much I'm really looking forward to the drive through Wyoming with the kids. We'll see how much whining ensues.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Contest of the Day

5 Minutes for Mom is having a Mother's Day giveaway running until April 9th. They kicked it off with a $1,000 Mother’s Day Photo Contest. So, go check out the Mother’s Day Giveaway.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've Been Duped


I JUST finished Veronica Mars and I'm so sad at the way it ends. Soooooooo disappointed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Contests of the Day

The Clean Plate Club is giving away a $50 GC to Williams Sonoma. Check it out here:

The Crunchy Domestic Goddess is celebrating Earth Mother Day and is giving away some amazing prize packages. Enter it here:

Bad Things Come in Fours!

1. The Isuzu Rodeo that the Russians fixed for us, stopped working yesterday while I was going home. Luckily I could coast off the road. They put the stinking clutch in wrong!!!!

2. My visa application to China was denied today. We're going to try and get them more information so that they'll approve it.

3. The internet stopped working for most of today...

4. ...lastly, while I was telling my sister that bad things come in three I hear a mini glass explosion happen in my oven. My pie plate burst and ruined my yummy fish dinner.

It's been a fantastic day I tell ya!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


All my blogging juices seemed to have been spat out this month. I've been on here a lot, I just haven't had much to say. Spent a lot of time coasting lately and vegging out in front of the TV, but I've done it without that nice balance of personal depth and passion that I need. The kids and I head to Montana this week to pick up the boat (aka Lincoln Continental) that my grandma gave me for my birthday. Both kids are completely confused about how we're going to DRIVE back from Montana.

Caedmon: How many days does that take?

Ruth: Where are we going to sleep??!

Spoiled kids think that flying is the only way to get anywhere now. What are they ever going to do when Jason doesn't work for an airline anymore?! *insert sarcasm*
In other news, my sister sadly found an apartment, so she'll be moving out at the beginning of May...four whole blocks away people! I'm going to die.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Better in the Bedroom

I've mentioned before how my sex drive is on the strong side. I saw a post on Parent Bloggers asking women what they can do as well as any man.
Let me tell you ladies I can get turned on more easily than any man out there. If the hubby just looks at me or wiggles his eyebrows I'm a goner. If he says one phrase that I could take with a double meaning or if he kisses me, he better watch out. Even after 7 years of marriage I'm ready to go every night. I'm telling you that no two sex drives are ever created equal, and I was created with one in hyperdrive.

The post I mentioned above at Parents Blogger is part of a contest to win one of thirteen fabulous CarMD handheld testers. With our old beaters this would be a help! Check it out here, but hurry because you have to enter by tomorrow:

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Contest of the Day

The ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom are once again hosting a very awesome contest. Check out their “Two Weeks of Toys” Giveaway post. Contest runs from April 9-23.

Monday, April 07, 2008

For You...Special Price!

I thought it was finally safe to move some of my plants outside since it's APRIL, but we've had a very cold March and it snowed today. What's a gardener supposed to do?

I'm getting the shakes over the last season of Veronica Mars. It's been 4 days since I finished the second season. For the love, whoever has it checked out right now, return it to the library already! Some of us NEED the angsty TV. Some people have no sense of urgency.

Our Isuzu Rodeo has been out of commission since Thanksgiving...we handed it over to the Russian mechanics today. This is always very interesting because Russians, in general, are very interesting. My hubby's friend is a Lithuanian who hooked him up with these guys. Everything's done because you know someone and there's always a good "deal." Stay tuned to see if it stays a good "deal".

It wasn't as good a deal as we thought. Apparently Isuzu made this part in TWO different sizes for the same make of car. Our car needs the bigger more expensive part. Go figure.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Skeez Factor

How do you know when the 14 yr old neighbor boy likes you just a little too much? When he starts putting his arm around your shoulder. The thing is that I think this boy and his sister are nice. Both of their parents work a lot, so they hang with my kids just for something to do and to get some attention from an adult. How do I nicely tell him to knock it off? I'd hate to kick him outta my yard, but he seems to have boundary issues in general.

That leads me skeez male number two. There is a guy at church that has no idea how uncomfortable he makes the females around him. A lot of hugs and shoulder nudges...the thing that sucks is that I think he's oblivious to it. What happened in their upbringing/personality that makes them miss those normal social clues as to what is appropriate and what makes females avoid them. Sigh, unfortunately THAT'S my observation for the day.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Between staying up late because I missed my hubby and watching Veronica Mars, I am dragging on no cylinders today. Why is it that when hubby is here I feel so tired when I stay up late with him, YET, when he's gone, I can stay up late and not feel tired??? Does he give off some sleep pheramone or something? I know he wishes it were the other way around. I think I've sucked him into watching Veronica Mars with me. Cackle, cackle, cackle!

I finally got off my sorry butt and worked out this week. I decided to deny the number on the's at the top of my 10 lb range of comfortable. It niggles at me, but I really don't care too much. What's funny about me is no matter what weight I'm at (pregnancy included) I think I'm sexy and have no problem getting "in the mood." I'm telling ya, somehow my sex drive was swapped with a male!