Sunday, April 20, 2008


All my blogging juices seemed to have been spat out this month. I've been on here a lot, I just haven't had much to say. Spent a lot of time coasting lately and vegging out in front of the TV, but I've done it without that nice balance of personal depth and passion that I need. The kids and I head to Montana this week to pick up the boat (aka Lincoln Continental) that my grandma gave me for my birthday. Both kids are completely confused about how we're going to DRIVE back from Montana.

Caedmon: How many days does that take?

Ruth: Where are we going to sleep??!

Spoiled kids think that flying is the only way to get anywhere now. What are they ever going to do when Jason doesn't work for an airline anymore?! *insert sarcasm*
In other news, my sister sadly found an apartment, so she'll be moving out at the beginning of May...four whole blocks away people! I'm going to die.


Tara said...

so THAT'S how your hubby gets to fly to all those places! I thought your church was paying for him to do that stuff! I didn't realize he had two jobs.

At least your sis won't be super far away...

Vhiel Romion-Vance said...

Hello there

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