Saturday, April 12, 2008

Better in the Bedroom

I've mentioned before how my sex drive is on the strong side. I saw a post on Parent Bloggers asking women what they can do as well as any man.
Let me tell you ladies I can get turned on more easily than any man out there. If the hubby just looks at me or wiggles his eyebrows I'm a goner. If he says one phrase that I could take with a double meaning or if he kisses me, he better watch out. Even after 7 years of marriage I'm ready to go every night. I'm telling you that no two sex drives are ever created equal, and I was created with one in hyperdrive.

The post I mentioned above at Parents Blogger is part of a contest to win one of thirteen fabulous CarMD handheld testers. With our old beaters this would be a help! Check it out here, but hurry because you have to enter by tomorrow:


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Marie said...

Personally I'm still waiting for the female viagra. I have NO libido at all.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, god luck in the contest!

Anonymous said...

I hope your husband realizes how blessed he is. I don't think very many wives have any idea how deeply it effects the marriage relationship when they openly comunicate to their husband that they have no desire for intimacy.

It is good to know there are wives out there who actually ENJOY a sexual relationship with their husband.