Monday, April 07, 2008

For You...Special Price!

I thought it was finally safe to move some of my plants outside since it's APRIL, but we've had a very cold March and it snowed today. What's a gardener supposed to do?

I'm getting the shakes over the last season of Veronica Mars. It's been 4 days since I finished the second season. For the love, whoever has it checked out right now, return it to the library already! Some of us NEED the angsty TV. Some people have no sense of urgency.

Our Isuzu Rodeo has been out of commission since Thanksgiving...we handed it over to the Russian mechanics today. This is always very interesting because Russians, in general, are very interesting. My hubby's friend is a Lithuanian who hooked him up with these guys. Everything's done because you know someone and there's always a good "deal." Stay tuned to see if it stays a good "deal".

It wasn't as good a deal as we thought. Apparently Isuzu made this part in TWO different sizes for the same make of car. Our car needs the bigger more expensive part. Go figure.

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