Saturday, April 18, 2009

Where's the Snow???

Greetings from quasi-snowy Denver. Just once I'd like the weather people to get it right. They predicted a couple of feet of snow by today. BUT they didn't account for the wetness of said snow. It's been raining for half the 2 day snow and the accumulation is disappointing and soaking. Good for the ground, bad for playing.
I can't complain too much because my hubby was able to fly out for Uganda today since the weather wasn't back. I'm a little nervous about this trip because the area he'll be in will be so remote. I won't hear from him much (if at all) between now and next Friday.
Pray for my sanity this week...I expect it go well though since I have the church Women's Retreat to look forward to next weekend.

How are you??

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