Wednesday, April 01, 2009


We are 3 days into being with our friends in kids are learning a lot:
-how to make sure a high boy doesn't invade their bubble
-how to still love said high boys and let him get hugs sometimes
-how to walk all day and still have energy for running around in the evening.
-how to (ever so slightly) expand their eating horizons
-how to sleep in the same twin bed and enjoy cold showers. 

It's been great to be able to give our friend's 4 kids some playmates. I truly think that may be the predominant reason that I'm here. Also, I feel pretty cool because this is the only language that I have kicked butt in. It's nice to see my hubby be the one to smile and nod while I translate. hee hee! Gracias Senora P y Senora from Brazil who taught me everything I know.

Now to update you on what God's doing for provision. The project will continue to run as long as there's funds and it's looking like the church might pull through on that front. We called my sis and told her to mail in the rent check...we still don't have it, but the worst that can happen is that we'll be evicted. I'm prepared for whatever may come. I admittedly panicked for an hour today before my brain convinced my emotions of the truth: I have no control over what happens, my job is simply to lean into the one who lifts up mountains and causes countries to diminish.


Sweet Caroline said...

Yeah, I am sure God chuckled when he heard my prayer the other day. "Oh, and please help the family in Nicaragua doing the service mission, and something about something."

I figured He knew what I was talking about!

Sounds like you are feeling good about it and that is all that matters. said...

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