Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Castle Without Its King

Two days...two days until my husband ought to be back in Colorado. I'm tired...this trip has been hard for me.
I want him here with me.
I don't like single parenting.
I don't like him not being near the internet and phone.
How in the world did missionary wives manage when their spouse would leave on a boat for a year with a sporadic letter?! Argh!
My son is going through a phase of lying and I hate being the stern one. Jason is much better at it than I am.
I do get extra lovings from both kids though since they only have one parent to dole it out to.
You know you love your husband when a friend describes an argument she had with her hubby and you wish your hubby were hear to fight with!

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pat.navymom said...

Parenting is best shared. We tried never to let our kids play us against one another.

When he is on a trip, I miss my hiusband so but I use that time to do my own things and keep my own individuality.