Friday, April 24, 2009

Mrs. Clean

I'm a funny cleaner...not like I make people chuckle when I clean, but I'm quirky. I attribute this to getting married and having kids. When I was a kid I spent hours organizing my room...a place for everything and everything in its place. But my kids and husband don't seem to be wired that way...and since I love them more than I do a perfect house I've fallen into some interesting middle ground. That means I love it when the house is clean, but it may take 2 weeks to get that way if other family/life things take priority.

This gets even weirder because I clean houses as a side job. I'm really good at it and I think it's a good outlet for my neat side. Hmm, maybe my house would be cleaner if I didn't get my jollies cleaning other houses??

Anyway, my system is simple: start on the highest surface and work my way down to the floor. I also do tile floors before carpet so that I can vacuum while the tile's drying. I'm the worst at windows and mirrors...why can't they come with built in wipers?!

My cleaning advice is this: clean when you can, but make sure it doesn't own you!

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The Capps said... you like to clean huh? What does your week look like? I might call you tomorrow?! We have big changes around these parts and not much time to clean! (vague, huh?)