Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nothing Like A Bum Fight

The hubby's currently away...not in some foreign land, but a wedding, on the east coast...which sort've counts as a foreign land to this Montana girl.
K, so all the big attractions around Denver have free days, one such entity being the Denver Art Museum. The first Saturday of EVERY month is a free day...for Colorado residents. So, I ventured down there with my kids, my pals (Crazy Uncle Connor & his wife Michelle) and his grandniece Orianna (Oreo). I was a little nervous about how they would take it all. It's all pretty comtemporary and some of it is pretty graphic. I shouldn't have worried though, my daughter loved it! She wants to be an artist, so she was fascinated. I could tell Caedmon thought it was mostly weird (some definately was) and would've been happier at a car museum. They lasted three hours before we adults gave up and decided to walk them to a McDonald's.

We're walking through a park in the heart of Denver and lo and behold we come upon a bum fight. Apparently a couple of bums had approached the stuff of some other bums. Those bums had to defend their shtuff. How do you do that? Beat the other bums away with a broken broom handle. Then get a couple more involved and start punching each other in the head.
I never know what to do when I come upon something like you call the cops? Intervene? Pretend like nothing's going on? Connor considered intervening, but they had driven off the other bums by the time we got parallel to it.

As we crossed the street, I looked down at Caedmon and said, "Let that be a lesson to you son, never get in a bum fight."

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Anonymous said...

FYI - The Denver Art Museum is free to everyone (not just Colorado residents) the first Saturday of the month.