Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm a very low-stress person...very low stress. This means I have a really hard time when things get hectic. Enter the holidays! No matter how nice everyone is during the holidays, I just get completely wiped out by the busyness of it all. This year has been much the same.
We had my daughter's birthday SLEEPOVER (yes, I am crazy) last night with four giggly girls, they all had much fun (Twister, cupcake decoration, pillow fight), but I'm lasting on about as much sleep as a momma with a newborn.
The economic turmoil hasn't affected us (yet) and so our Christmas is much the same as it is every year, except for two positive developments:

1. I normally suck at gift-giving...I lack creativity and fall back on gift cards a lot. This year I got my hubby lots of little things (think nuts, root beer, a tarp) that he is going to love.

2. Jason grew up with a dad who had a very Godly outlook on money and Christmas was a time of wonder and loving abundance for my hubby growing up. So, we were able to lavish our kids this year and I can't wait for them to feel it!

Our kids really didn't ask for much this year and they were able to buy gifts for less fortunate kids, which I think is great for them to experience. All in all, I think we feel very blessed to be us this year and are glad to spread that to those around us.

This post was written for the Blog Blast over at the Parent Bloggers Network which is sponsored this week by FFDA, Families For Depressed Awareness, which helps families cope with stress (so needed for many right now).

Merry Christmas!

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