Saturday, December 20, 2008

Handy Mommy

I'm feeling very cool right now.

I spent 3 hours yesterday disassembling our garbage disposal. I accidently mangled my tea ball in it the day before and the chain got wedged in the small crack where all the waste goes. Two hours of my time was spent using a fondue fork as tool...trying to move the stupid chain up or down and free.
I'm not sure how many colorful words were muttered by me, but I'm sure I could rival any plumber or sailor. The hardest part was actually getting the stinking device hooked back in. Thank God for a mop bucket and multiple cutting boards (great wedges they are).

In lesser news, I decalcifyed the shower head as well, but I feel much cooler about the garbage disposal.

Have you ever done manly house chores? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?


MudslideMama said...

What a funny post! I thought I heard someone screaming.

One of the manly jobs around the house is everything except the veggie garden OUTSIDE the house. So imagine my joy when one of the sprinklers broke, and was like Old Faithful. I mean, a GEYSER of water gushing out of it, shooting up maybe 8 feet in the air - and my husband was on a work trip. So I had to crawl under th house (crawl space = California basement) to turn off the sprinkler system. When I got out, I was covered with more cobwebs than any haunted house you'll see during Halloween.

Still haven't quite recovered from that manly job. :)

Anonymous said...

I once tried to move our couch out to the curb to throw away. I was all alone and once I realized I wouldn't be able to fit it through the living room doorway I left it there for Nathan to move it back later. I've also used a pliers to removed an inverted plastic cup from our garbage disposal drain...impressive, right?