Friday, December 12, 2008

Around & Around I'll Go No More

Can I just say, I'm a little happy about this recession. I have high hopes that it will cause us to reorder our priorities and look at what matters. I know that living like we have for so long has kept us from being very busy because we just don't have the means.

Our kids are on the cusp of both being in "real" school (2nd & kindergarten next year) and I've seen how busy that can make a family if both kids get super involved in a large amount of activities. I've made it a point, so far in their lives, to make sure they understand the value of playing with friends after school. I'm planning on continuing to make sure that they make enough time for each other and relaxing with friends after the busy school day.

I'm also a low stress person and keep my schedule fairly free. The last couple of weeks have been so nutty though that I've barely had time to breath (or blog for that matter). With both of the kids in school next year, I've considered taking on a job, but I'd have to pray about it ALOT before I take that step. I'll keep those things that matter to Him and consider everything else carefully.

How about you? Are you too busy? Just right?

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Eli's Lids said...

Found your blog while blog hopping.
I agree about the recession bringing our priorities back! I'm also hoping that we will be able to afford a house next year because of all the foreclosures... is that bad to think?