Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey, Your Cow's in that Roundabout

Here we are in nutty, exotic, quasi-sunny Fes, Morocco! After roughly 30 hours of travel we made it here. Here's the flights:

Memphis-Nashville (drop off kids)

And THEN, you hop on a train for fours hours to get to Fes...easy, right.

It's really good to be here and see our friends, to love on them and (hopefully) bring a little familiar love and encouragement to them. Being here makes me wish I were in Turkey...it's been 2 years since I've gone there.

Wondering about the title. While on the train I kept watching the scenery go by and I noticed that people graze their sheep and cows wherever there's something to graze. This includes the middle of a busy roundabout. I also noticed what appeared to be rows of cactus that they were growing for some unknown purpose. We saw a shoving match while waiting for the train to Fes and drank a can of lychee juice. In my opinion, that's the hardest part of travel. When you're going quickly from place to place, it's hard to pick up anything close to a meal. Thank God for granola bars and gum!

We leave Thursday, so I'll post again if anything interesting occurs.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you! Give everyone love from the Shive crew! Love ya! Trish

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it safely, and thanks for the play by play preceding your trip. God is amazing and it is encouraging to read about how he is working in your life.