Saturday, November 01, 2008


Another exciting week following the road He's taking us on.
Hubby will be on leave from the airport job from Oct 20th-Nov. 22. This job is our dependable income.
He's still working as the mission's guy at our church, and that income is dependant on God moving people's hearts to give to us.
Rent is due on the 5th...tuition for preschool is due the 5th.
I fully expected God to cover all these things yesterday when we got our church pay...we got $70.
Neither of these bills are $70...needless to say I'm looking at Him saying, "Oookay."
This would all be a little less stressful if my hubby wasn't leaving today to go hunting. We really need him to kill an elk so that we can have meat for the next year.

Why do I bring all this up? Two reasons:
-I'm asking for your prayers for providence and peace in my heart.
I know when He's steering the ship it's headed to the best place for us, BUT I really don't want to move out of our house and be homeless again.
-I want you all to know of our scenario so that you can rejoice with me when He does show us how this dilemma will resolve.

How's your week? Anyone else wondering how they're going to pay their rent/mortgage?


Nise' said...

I know the God we serve is faithful and He will provide. You are the winner of the Basket of Indulgence giveaway I hosted last week. An email is on its way.

Tarasview said...

I'm praying hard.

Tanya said...

Tara directed me your way ...

Just know that we've been there before, too, and God has provided the right thing at the right time -- every time. We finally got our tax refund last week. Got us through the end of the month. As nise' said, we serve a very faithful God.

Alida said...

I remember having only 25 dollars a week to spend on groceries when my husband was in Seminary many years ago.

Now our income is 100 percent dependent on donations. It is hard at times but we do serve and awesome God!!

I am praying for you!