Saturday, November 29, 2008

188,000 is All You Have In You?

I love our mid-90s, high mileage cars...until they stop working. Sure enough, our gorgeous green LeSabre started smoking on the hubby's way home from work. Can I just say, getting Roadside Assistance through our phone service was a stroke of genius! We've used the service three times this year.

Oh, and I had to go meet them in the first snowstorm of the season! Very pretty, but untimely. We're not exactly sure what's wrong with the car, but I assume the antifreeze pouring out of the bottom of the car is not a good sign.

In other news, normally I go out on Black Friday and shop, but we are a little strapped and the hubby had to work. I've had a bad week of feeling whiney about finances...could be because rent is due at the end of next week. Ironically, I know He'll provide, but I just allow my emotions to run amok. Darn you emotions!

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Barb J. said...

I know how you feel. Both are cars are '90s cars. But they are paid for! Thanks for entering my giveaway.