Friday, January 25, 2008

The Stars of Reality Shows

Since the strike has caused everyone to drag out a deluge of reality shows, let me tell you the stations that do it well:

I stumbled onto this station gem watching Kathi Griffin's "Life on the D-List". I've gotten sucked into Project Runway countless times too! All of their reality shows seem much more crazily refined than the other channels.

This is my top station pick these days:


This station is the king of fun factual shows:
-Mythbusters: so fun, my kids love it!
-How It's Made: who knew factories were so fascinating
-Survivorman: He does it so we don't have to.

I'm also really excited for "Smash Lab", I have yet to see it.

What about you, what reality shows/stations have you hooked?


Tara said...

well... today I got suckered into a "Miss.America reality check" marathon... but that is mostly because I am sick laid out on the couch. Sucks to be me.

joannmski said...

Well, we do love Project Runway. I also am starting to watch a lot of "Intervention" on A&E.

Praise and Coffee said...

I love The Apprentice, this season has me hooked once again.