Monday, January 28, 2008

Drunk On Tea

Hubby will finally be back home tomorrow, Turkey was really good apparently (the hoser!). I was able to get a babysitter for 5 glorious hours on Saturday. What did I do you ask? Well...

My friend Cindy and I are obsessed with tea...I have over 60 different kinds in my tiny kitchen from places such as Thailand, China and the Celestial Seasonings plant. We drove to Boulder and had brunch at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse . The building itself is amazing and the food is glorious. I had an Indian Curry Omlette and some amazing Ceylon tea. This is the only place I've seen tea based martini's and cocktails. It's overwhelming to a tea lover like myself. We hit the shopping street and I got (what else) tea.

Then we headed back to Golden and I went to the mall. There's one store in the mall that I cannot enter with my kids...Spencer's. Known for their gag/gross gifts and bachlorette fodder, they actually have a good selection of goodies for the married person who isn't willing to go into a sex shop for a board game or costume. It's the shy person's sex shop. Anyhoo, I'll just say the hubby will be happy on our anniversary (Feb. 6th) and Valentine's Day.


Linda said...

When I was in Germany for a year, I fell in love with the variety of teas they had - they had a wonderful Teehaus where you could get any variety of loose teas.

I was (and still am) enamored with a tea they called "Pure Lust" is a strawberry rhubarb tea...never understood the name, but love it! Here from entrecard! Come visit my site sometime...we're practically neighbors (I'm in KS!)

Anonymous said...

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