Monday, January 14, 2008

Life In 3-D

I love my life right now. All of my parts (wife, mom, group leader, friend, mentor, Sara) are embraced by me and I'm happy with them. A lot of that happiness stems from what I've chosen to do (or not do). There is NOTHING in my weekly schedule that I don't want to do. I haven't agreed to anything over the last year that I didn't truly desire to do. Amazing how freeing that is!
I feel like I haven't been in such a whole place since my senior year of high school. I used to look back on that time with jealousy. I had all the time in the world to spend finding myself and chasing God. Now I see that who/where I am now is better. Better because I have the added roles (wife, mom, etc). As a single girl I saw life in what I thought was 3-D, but now I see more clearly the dimensions of reality, and my single self pales in comparison to what I know now.
I hope added years add dimensions and wisdom!

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