Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Leaving China

Last day with N, K, and A here in good old China. Last minute bargaining is going on down at the markets and we're going to eat our last chopstick dominated meal. No more lazy susans with 7 different dishes on it. No more nunchuck rap dances, no more diabetic jokes, no more staring at the only foreigners you'll ever see. No more waking up to every and any song whistled from my early years (A is a master whistler). No more ice cream topped coffee from KFC.

Happy to go see my sugared and spoiled kids. Those munchkins have worked the aunt and grandparents over for every whim their sweet little hearts could want. They've been to the circus, McDonalds numerous times, Chuck E. Cheese, the one room schoolhouse, to see Jack and Mae (the coolest horse and donkey ever), and showered with new clothes and shoes. Never mind that their mother will be adding to the mound of gifts as soon as she sees their cute little faces.

See you all stateside!

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