Saturday, April 28, 2007

Best Frenemies

My kids hit their quintessential day yesterday.
7am-watch cartoons
8am-2pm Play with neighbor kids!!!! Eat at THEIR house!!!!
2pm-5pm Library (not looking @ books mind you, but playing computer games and coloring. Darn these new fangled libraries)
5pm-6pm Park and trying to chase down the ice cream truck!!! (One bummer of the day...we didn't catch it)
6pm-8pm Play with neighbor kids!!!! (Also 2 NEW episodes of Spongebob)
Oh to be young and spend your day as NOT the chauffeur. I marvel at their ability to play with each other and the neighbor kids almost all day and still feel like they could play with them.
I now understand why my mom held me back occasionally from playing at the neighbor's house. See, I thought she was just being mean, but really she and the other mothers were trying to give each other a break. There's always a cool house that the kids will prefer to play in or around most of the's not my house. My house is the lame house, and I'm okay with that.
A full hour of new Spongebob was on last night and I LOVED IT!!! They made fun of "Aliens" and Starbucks all in a 1/2 hour. Can't help it if a yellow sponge has captured my heart!

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