Friday, April 06, 2007

In China

We're in China at our friends house now. Spent two days in Beijing, which was nearly too much. It's so dirty and polluted! All the doctor's masks I see them wearing now make total sense to me.
Favorite treat so far...peaches and tapioca in a jelly substance.
A lot of these places remind me of Las Vegas, just because of all the flashy signs and large billboards. We're now in a small city of "only one or two million". Going to a lecture on Easter today which will be hysterical!
Least fav part: The beds that are all box spring and thin foam. Crazy person that I am I brought 5 (count 'em people, FIVE) pillows and am using them nightly to sleep comfortably.

Ciao for now!

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Jane said...

Look forward to hearing more about your time in China. Don't forget pictures!

God be with you