Monday, April 16, 2007

Hey kids, it's Poetry Corner!

Long ago I resolved to write a poem a day and did quite well at it for a year. Here are two I'd love to share with you:

January 1999

Caffeine addicts
Are full of spunk.
They act happy,
Their bodies full of junk.

Sometimes their hands start to shake
And their brains begin to quake!
Uncontrollable, they want to dance
Good espresso gives them that chance.

Will they ever stop their craving?
For more beans they are raving!
Never will I join their band,
Though it's spread throughout the land.

(Silly me, thinking I could escape coffee. I'm a happy addict now!)

This next one continues to speak to where I'm sitting.

February 2005

I sit here and try to justify
everything I want to buy.

"I Need this...""It's for our health."
"Life will be easier..."
Do I give from my wealth???

We figure we're Americans,
might as well keep up.
It's only a FEW conveniences
overflowing in my cup.

So I'm pulled from Treasure Above.
Back to my Covetous Cove.

God, why can't I always
think first
Of giving to another's
deep thirst?

Perfection and consistency
lofty goals
Yeshua, please keep them
in front of my nose!

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