Friday, March 16, 2007

This May Mean You

I and two others from church are leaving April 2nd to visit friends in China. We are going to deliver Easter eggs so that they can explain the religious and secular aspects of the holiday to their students. Here's the deal, we're fundraising and I don't have many avenues for funding.
About 15 minutes ago, God impressed upon my heart to post my request on my blogs. So, there may be those of you out there who are supposed to support us through prayer or finances. If you feel led to pray we will be gone April 2nd-April 13th.
If you would like to contribute financially you can send a check made out to Hillside Community Church and write "Sara's China trip" in the memo line.
Here's the address to send it to:
Hillside Community Church
103 N. Ford St.
Golden, CO 80403
Please e-mail or comment with questions!

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