Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thank You

Thank you Lanell for loving me and our differences.

Thank you Bink for being everything and more I could want in a sister.

Thank you LOPW for bringing me such great and encouraging women like SuperMom and Robinznest...who knew that blogging was such a blessing and uplifting endeavor!

Thank you Kari for being a kindred spirit and for sitting with me every Tuesday and petitioning the Father.

Prayer was so good today...there seemed to be a fervent and effervescent energy to our conversation with Him today. Mashallah Isa!

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Cool Mama said...

Ahhh...I feel so blessed to be counted as one of your blessings! yes..who knew that blogging would open up so many new avenues of encoruagement for us all! Just remember, there are lots and lots of us pastor's wives out there, and blogging ( and emails) gives us chance to remind each other, that God is good, ALL the time! And...we will make it!