Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One of those Days...

...when I wonder if everyone thinks my Self/ personality sucks. One of those where I'm not confident that I'm okay as me. One of those days when you crawl under a rock and lick your insecure wounds. Blech!


Robin said...

Oh, I hate days like that! I will say a prayer for you:
Dear Father-
May your presence fill Bebemiqui's heart today. Please surround her with Your love and the knowledge that she is so significant to You. Bring her joy Jesus as she goes through this day. Amen!

Cool Mama said...

Hey dear one....everyone has days like that! It's the enemy's way of trying to make us take our value from him or how we're feeling, or how the day went. The reality is, we learn to take our value and our worth from this amazing Father. We also learn to ask Him everyday..Remember when those thoughts come...you need to stop and say "Father..is this how YOU see me?" ..and let Him remind you daily of what the truth is - He thinks your amazing!