Sunday, March 18, 2007

Da Mono

So, I've got mono...and 2 weeks until I ride on planes for a day or two. I'm also having the hardest time sitting down and taking care of myself. Glad to find out that there's nothing a doc could give me to fix it since we don't have medical coverage at the moment. I'm not sure I've been this concerned about my physical well-being ever, but I can't stop my world to sleep more.

I miss Nicaragua, we had a team come back from a 2 week stint there last week and I cried every time they talked about the Glue Boys. I love those little huffers so much and want so badly to go lift them out of their haze for a couple days and show them what kids should have to do. Also, seeing the girls back from Thailand makes me miss being there and building gingerbread houses with college students.

I think I sometimes wonder if missions is only my hubby's calling, but then I think of any place that I've been and I feel my heart sing longingly for the wonder of those places.

And, wonder of wonders, a couple is now going to our church who has Turkish in-laws. To find others with a heart for that place excites me so much! Seni sevi orum Turkiye!


mqzoeller said...

Sara without an H-

I don't know what to say because there is really too much for just one comments section. First of all, your baby looks really awesome and your eyes look really blue. You're not the cheat with colored contacts type, are you? I didn't think so.
Also, that was a lot of Turkish lingo you were spittin on my blog and I will have to re read it maybe twelve times before it makes any sense, but when it does I wil be quite happy - possibly to the point of commenting again with praises to your very name. I don't think we will be leaving Istanbul though, which is probably something Turkey veterans like yourself despise... but I have nothing to say but sorry, we'll see. This comment is long enough, viva la France,

Yellow said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the mono! Yuck! I had that and I thought I was going to die. I'll be praying for you. Get lots of rest....I mean LOTS. People with mono tend to start feeling better, so they overdo it and have a relapse. You really need to take care of yourself. : )