Wednesday, October 04, 2006

He Answers in His time

So God finally decided we can be done with nomadicy! We were approved to rent a 3 bedroom duplex! The only downside(s) is there's no dishwasher or washer/dryer. Housing perfection is unattainable at our income level, but 3 bedrooms sounds like heaven.

Here is God's sense of humor in this...back in May we moved out of our nice apartment assuming He took us out of there partially because rent was too much. The new place is nearly the same monthly amount! Also, I thought He wanted us to be nomadic so we could save funds for whatever we did next. He brought monthly giving down to the same level of squeaking by that we were doing in our apartment. I'm humbled by the blatant example He's given me of all resources coming only through His hand. I finally really believe that if He wanted us to have thousands of dollars monthly He could lead us to that job or those donors. But He (in His crazy wisdom) knows what I need to grow, "further in, further up". The stinker.

Sounds like we can't move in until around Nov. 1st to our place so I we'll stay with my friends who have no TV and internet until then. It's tough on me to live w/o my comforts of "House M.D." and "ER" and "Grey's Anatomy". Though I totally respect the couple we're living with and their decision to go without electronic distraction. So, I'm blogging in the church sanctuary right now, plying silence from the kids with "Veggietales."

Thank you for the blogosphere!

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Cool Mama said...

hey there! I got your blog off the League of Pastor's wives blogroll! Keep meaning to leave a comment, and finally decided today was the day!...My husband and I pastor a church in the Bible Belt in western Canada. We've been either pastoring or in church leadership of various degrees, for 30 years ( sorry...not a youngster anymore)! How long have you guys been in the ministry?? And where are you stationed? (You probably blogged all this...but I'm askign anyways!) Anways...I'll keep dropping in...blessings!!