Saturday, October 28, 2006

Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?

So, we're mostly moved into our new place of residence. Hallelujah for carports and tire swings! I feel so spoiled since I can kick the kids outside to play. AND...(drumroll please) the kids can play with the neighbors!!! That's right we have two different families with whom the kiddos can spend countless hours. They're lovin it and I'm lovin it! Also, there's a cheap and stupendous teenage babysitter just down the road. You'd think God had planned this out or something!

I'm shocked with how quiet it is here too. I'd gotten used to the mayhem of living with others and the silence helps me sleep, but it's definately weird. Hey, at least I can yell at my kids again without wondering if my friends think I'm a psycho.

For the most part I don't read women's contemporary fiction because it has zero depth and not much quality. I happened to pick up "The Debt" by Angela Hunt and was pleasantly blown away. She packs real Christian depth into stories with tough situations. Between Hunt and Beth Moore my views of well-known Christian women is changing. Pick up either authors stuff if you want something encouraging.


Robin said...

You just have to read Neta Jackson's books: The Yada Yada Prayer Group. They have lots of "real" questions very relevent to the world we live in today. She addresses lots of difficult topics all with a strong Christian emphasis. She touches on topics such as discrimination, alcohol, youth, parenting, crime, and compassion to name a few!

Yellow said...

Francine Rivers is also a great fiction writer. I usually don't like fiction, but her books blow me away. Check out Redeeming Love, or Voice in the Wind.