Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Pulled a Mommy Dearest

It'll be awhile before my kids will repress this one! We did something out of the ordinary yesterday and went to Casa Bonita with my cousin and sister. I remarked to my sis as we stood in the cattle-like line that I don't understand why this place is so well known.

Then we sat down and I remembered how magical an underground restaurant with divers can be. Ruth barely touched her food and wanted to get up and go watch the show (which was pretty good).

We finished eating and started wandering around looking at different sections of the building. There was a cave the kids could walk through and I remembered how much Ruth enjoyed it a couple years ago. I insisted they go through it.

"But, I'm scared," Ruth said.

"There's nothing to be scared of," I scoffed.

They went in and I waited, then I started to get a little suspicious, so I went in after them. Sure enough, it was a cheesy haunted house. My son had his hands clapped over his ears and was crying. My daughter was whimpering. I walked them through it quickly, mentally kicking myself.

Of course they could talk about nothing else the rest of the time we were there. I totally ruined the night for them. I know it'll end up being one of those stories they'll pass onto their friends years from now.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The family I took a 2 day vacation to Minneapolis this week courtesy of being able to fly for free. The first day was spent swimming in the hotel pool and going to play at McDonalds (the kids are easy to please).
I missed the first day because I got the joy of flying on to pick up my passport in Chicago from the Chinese consulate. I was so ecstatic to see that visa in there. It took me awhile to realize that they'd issued the stamp in my MAIDEN name. What idiot doesn't look at the application when issuing the visa?! Hopefully it won't be a problem since my passport is in my maiden name with a little amendment on the back page.
The second day of vacation was spent at the infamous Mall of America. We couldn't do the amusement park because my poor son was too short to be able to participate. We did go to the aquarium...twice.
The surprise enjoyment of the day turned out to be a trip to IKEA. If you haven't heard of this glorious company or seen their furniture, you're missing out. We walked in and the first thing we saw was a great childcare area. You drop your kids off (FREE of charge) for an hour and you can look at their cheap and comfortable products. They had a restaurant (very kid friendly) that was very cheap and had lingonberry juice. Needless to say we both fell in love.

In other news, all the flying around did bupkis for my sinusesl

Friday, May 16, 2008

We were Kung Fu Fighting

I really expected that by the time I had reached 7 years of marriage that hubby and I would've learned how to discuss things well...this is apparently NOT the case.

Whether it's politics, passports, predestination or popsicles we lose are heads every time and completely forget the other's discussion needs.

Take me: I need time to process. Bring me the initial issue of discussion, debate for 20 minutes...then let me go do the dishes and process all the pertinent information and pray.

Hubby's style is discuss it, discuss it, discuss it until an answer is found. He's an outloud processor and likes my input.

I like to hear both sides and then mull it over while my emotions calm down.

It's irritating to both of us because we want to argue effectively so that the most God-honoring solution is reached. Darn our humanity and tempers. I can't tell if the kids can even tell that we're have a heated debate...they just seem annoyed that I can't answer their questions or tend to their needs in the middle of it.

What's your discussion style?
Have you and your spouse figured it out?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I know a lot of people dislike NPR because of its political leanings and some social agendas, BUT I listen to next to nothing else on a weekly basis. The reason being that I am a lover of random information. They talk about such a plethora of things that it meets that need.
I also find that they continue to talk about world affairs long after main stream news has set it aside.

I heard a piece yesterday about the search efforts after the quake in China. An NPR reporter was following this couple in their day long search for their son and parents. Even though you couldn't understand the words, the mother's emotions came through clearly as she went through anger, hope and finally despair and mourning. Throughout the story you could hear the noises as they dug through the rubble and dealt with each bit of news.

They didn't leave the noises out...that's what killed me. I can ignore large scale tragedy in the face of cold reporting, but this piece was meant to hit home...and it did.

So, as I sit here in safe old Colorado I think of the thousands of mothers and family's dealing with loss, I pray.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Perks of the Job?

I flew to Chicago at 4am yesterday and was back to Denver by 11pm.

What was I doing????

I was going to the Chinese consulate silly to try and get a visa. Their office turned out to be a lot like a trip to the DMV. Take a number and spend time in a small room with a lot of grumpy and smelly people. Luckily they kept taking applications long after they were supposed to close or I would've been screwed.

I'm in love with their public transportation system. Super easy to manuever and very cheap. Darn Denver and it's spread out western ways.

In other (related) news, I get to fly back to Chicago next Tuesday to pick up my passport...hopefully with a visa in it. I really should be glad because if the hubby didn't work for the airline I wouldn't even have been able to apply at the consulate and would've been SOL.

What'd you do yesterday?

Monday, May 05, 2008


Best line from the episode Monday: "Confirmation is for wimps...and altar boys."

Contests of the Day

Kristin, from An Ordinary Life is having a fabulous giveaway. She is giving away an amazing purse from The Sak. Check it out!

Green & Clean Mom is teaming up with PUR filtrations systems to give away 5 water filtration systems. Check out Thirst for Change after you check out the contest.

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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Live it Up and Give It Up

I just got back from a Beth Moore conference in Colorado Springs. I'm wrung out in the best way!
If you haven't heard of this woman, you're missing out. I'm very hard on well-known leaders in Christianity and Moore passes with flying colors. There may have been 10,000 women there, but she keeps it centered on prayer and makes it personal.
Being there with the studly women from my church made it even better. I wish there was some way to hang out with them more. It ain't like it was in high school when you could see them at your locker, class or lunch.
Please pray for me Tuesday as I fly to Chicago in a last ditch effort for the Chinese consulate to accept my visa.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Now...the Short Version

It's snowing.
It's May 1st.
Said snow is killing my peas, spinach and radishes.

I'm supposed to be going to Beth Moore tomorrow.
Hubby's schedule changed.
Don't know if I'm going now. :0P

China denied my visa because they're uptight.
They are going to look disfunctional during the Olympics.